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Theme Day: Must Haves For A New Portable Mac User

by Juan on April 22nd, 2008

Most new Mac users I know have bought portables. Here’s what I think should be your must haves if you just bought a shiny new MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

1. A decent bag - You spent so much on your portable so might as well take steps to protect it. Get a bag with ample padding. My personal recommendation is Crumpler. Love their bags. It doesn’t look like your typical laptop bag, it’s well padded and sturdy.

2. Keyboard Protector - You don’t want those shiny new keys to get ruined do you? Especially if you have the white MacBooks. Keeping those keys are hard so it’s best you protect them early on. iSkin is a good brand.

3. A good cleaning cloth - Things get dirty, your notebook is no exception. Get a good cleaning cloth to clean, and protect it from the elements. I’ve used and can recommend ScreenSavrz from RadTech. It’s a great cleaning cloth. Works well with cleaning the LCDs of your portable. You can get one to fit either your MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

4. Get a good optical mouse - Ideally a wireless mouse would be best. I’m an Apple Fan boy so I use the Apple Wireless Mouse but other makers offer great mice. Logitech offers great mice. One of them is the Logitech V470.

5. Sleeve - For added protection it’s best to get a sleeve as well. Put your portable inside a sleeve before putting it in the bag. It provides extra padding plus it also allows you to use less padded bags although I’d suggest you avoid that. When transporting your laptop inside the office or just going to the next building you can actually just use the sleeve and there will be no need to carry your bag with everything in it.

The Sportfolio from Marware is a good one.

In my opinion these five items are a must for new portable owners. Do you agree?

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