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The Dastardly Line On The iMac LCD

by Juan on April 27th, 2008

Sometimes life can be cruel. I woke up this morning to find out from my brother that our iMac developed a line 1 pixel wide on the right side of its LCD. Apparently we’re not alone.

Apparently people have been experiencing this with their iMac 17″ models both the G5 and the Intel versions. Some PowerBook users have also reported similar incidents. Reports have said that the problem has been traced to a factory in China.

The problem appear to affect the iMacs built in this factory. The serial numbers are quite similar. Here’s the details of our iMac, I’ll just edit the last few numbers of the serial for security’s sake.

Serial number: W863*******
Name: iMac Intel (core duo)
Model: Mxxxx iMac Intel (core 2 duo) 2.0GHz
Bus speed: 667MHz
Screen size: 17 inch
Factory: W8 (Shanghai China)

Model introduced: 2006
Production year: 2006
Production week: 35 (September)
Production number: 5192 (within this week)

These incidents have been documented. There’s an article at MacNN and a thread at the Apple support site as well as numerous other pages on the web. It’s also being discussed at our local Mac community.

I’m really bothered by this. Apart from the fact that our iMac is not under AppleCare, it’s worrisome that this happened to a machine that’s on its second year. I know that technology gets obsolete but not in this short time. Obsolete does not mean defective though. A gadget can be obsolete but still in good working condition.

Apple’s quality control has really been going down or maybe they’re just cutting costs so much that it’s coming out with inferior products. I expect at least 3 years of service out of my gadgets.

Now it seems that I’m forced to buy AppleCare because I am expecting my machines to fail within that time frame. That’s just not right…

Have you guys had any problems like this?

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