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MacSwitched Podcast Now Available

by Juan on February 24th, 2008

There’s a new Mac podcast available here in Manila. MacSwitched is the latest Mac centric local podcast. Hosted by Data and BenC, it specifically targets new Mac switchers and those contemplating to switch to the Mac. The podcast features various topics as well as tips for new as well as the not so new Mac users.

Quoting from their entry about the first podcast…

This first episode talks about the perceived cost of switching to a Mac and why most of this is an “illusion”. BenC and Data discuss several cost factors that, when you look at it from the big picture, actually make the Mac a better investment than PCs and Windows: the real productivity boost you get with Macs, the bundled software, superior hardware, the high resale value and the fact that it just works and makes life easier for us.

Go check out the first episode here.

Congratulations to Data and BenC. I wish you well with this podcast and I hope it really takes off!

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