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Is Mobile Me For Me?

by Juan on June 14th, 2008

So I’ve been giving Mobile Me a lot of thought lately. I wasn’t really sold with .Mac before. I mean it was a good service just not worth the $99 per year. There were free solutions after all. However having seen the demo at the WWDC keynote and the guided tour over at the Apple web site, I’m starting to reconsider.

Sure, there are free solutions as well. There’s Gmail with IMAP. That should help you sync your emails. There’s free file storage for sharing big files such as Senduit. There’s Flickr for photo sharing, etc.. You get the drift. So why pay $99 a year for things you can get free?

Well… The main reason I’m considering forking over $99 is the integration. Mobile Me just makes life simpler. Everything is integrated plus everything works well together. I only need to login to one service to access all of the features such as email, file and photo sharing. I don’t need to create accounts for different services.

Have you seen the web interface of Mobile Me? It’s crazy! It’s like you’re just working on your desktop.

I like the way it works well with the iPod Touch, iPhone and your computer. Whether it be a Mac or PC.

I know if I look hard enough I can find a setup that’s free and that will work similar to Mobile Me. It will however not be as elegant, harder to manage and won’t be as easy. So in essence I will be paying for convenience plus the comfort that everything works well together.

So, is Mobile Me for me? I’m thinking maybe it is. How about you?

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1 opinion for Is Mobile Me For Me?

  • Chris Marsden
    Jun 15, 2008 at 7:43 pm

    This is not even a question in my mind. While .mac was a nightmare and didn’t work well enough (in my opinion) to justify the cash, piecing together a “free” solution wasn’t much better. MobileMe, assuming it is not as slow as .mac, will be *the* answer. So $99 to have a service that works and doesn’t it smoothly. No problem.

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