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Chris Marsden Joins TheAfterMac.com Blogging Team

by Chris Marsden on May 22nd, 2008

Hello! My name is Chris Marsden and I am the newest member of TheAfterMac.com blogging team. I have been a lover of technology since a young age and have been on and off Apple Computers since they were actually called Apple computers.

In 2005 I took the plunge and bought my first Mac computer that I could call my very own. I had graduated from a design program that used strictly Mac computers owning nothing but a PC. Now that I was out in "the real world" where everyone uses PC, I was buying a Mac. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My background includes programming, graphic/web design, audio production & video production (analog and digital). These days I mostly stick to writing, design, and consulting. I love helping people find solutions to problems. That’s where blogging fits in.

I’ve been blogging on my personal site (chrismarsden.com) since 2005 and am excited to bring my love for Mac, GTD, and how those things fit into my everyday, "real world", PC dominated life, to the greater Apple Mac community. I say community, because that is what owning a Mac brings. Owning a Mac gives you an instant connection with other Mac users. You can’t help but say hi to another Mac user when you bump into them at a coffee shop… or maybe it’s just me.

So… stay tuned for Mac news, how to articles, and tips and tricks on using your Mac to its full potential. And if you see me hanging out at the local cafe with my Mac out, stop and say hi. And in case it’s not me, stop and say hi anyways. And don’t forget to tell them about TheAfterMac.com!

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