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Apple Wireless Keyboard: Keystroke of Genius

by Juan on October 20th, 2007

One of the recent Apple products that I got really excited about was the new Apple Wireless Keyboard. When I first saw it I was stunned. From the pictures that I saw posted on the Apple web site, it looked like it was a thing of beauty. The problem was that when Apple announced it, the keyboard wasn’t ready to be shipped it. It would take weeks before they hit the stores. So people forgot about it. Well, not me. It’s one of the products I’ve been lusting for. Thanks to my friend who recently came from a trip to the States, I got one.

It’s a thing of beauty. The pictures didn’t do it justice. I have to take my hat off to Apple they took a simple thing as a keyboard and designed the hell out of it. Not in an over-the-top kind of way but in true Apple simplicity. It’s sleek, compact, well designed and it feels like it’s really well built.

Setting it up is easy and painless. I got mine up and running in less than two minutes. It took that long coz I didn’t bother to read tha manual and put in the batteries facing the wrong way. It already came with 3 AA batteries. After sorting it out, it was just as easy as turning it on, pairing it with your computer and that’s it. You’re ready to type away.

If you’ve used a Macbook, typing on the Apple keyboard feels pretty much the same. Some people don’t like it and some do. I’m one of the people who like it very much. I miss the indentations of the regular keyboard but the soft strokes make up for it. I feel like I’m typing much faster on this keyboard rather than on my Macbook Pros keyboard.

My only complaint was that I wish they also included a backlight feature same as the one that’s found on Macbook Pros. Now that would be awesome.

A few hours into using it and I must say I’m really really happy. When I’m sitting on my desk I don’t feel like typing on my Macbook Pro’s keyboard since if have to do something I always have to move the MBP away if I need the space on my desk. Now it’s much easier. I’ve got a 19″ LCD hooked up to my MBP and my Apple Wireless Keyboard and my bluetooth mouse set up and my desk feels so much better.

So.. If you’re in the market for a new keyboard, I would really suggest you give this one a try. It’s worth the $79 I tell you!

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2 opinions for Apple Wireless Keyboard: Keystroke of Genius

  • Douglas Karr
    Oct 20, 2007 at 12:08 pm

    My one wish for Apple is that they would depart from cool just long enough to make an ergonomic keyboard.

  • Juan
    Oct 23, 2007 at 10:14 am

    Hey Doug.. I’ve had my share of ergonomic keyboards, honestly I can’t tell much of a difference, typing wise.

    I do however feel the benefit of the space that is saved by the Apple Wireless Keyboard.

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