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$500 Off The SSD MacBook Air Is It Now Worth It?

by Juan on July 5th, 2008

Honestly, no. I’m still off the opinion that even if Apple slashed $500 bucks off the price of the SSD version of the MacBook Air, it’s still not worth the extra money.

I know in theory the SSD should be ok. It is in some instances but I’m really not inclined to justify the additional cost for the benefit it gives. Sure, there’s faster boot up time and the assurance that there are no moving parts and it should protect your data better than the hard disk based counterpart but really, the price difference is still too big.

The good thing I can get out of this is that with the price of the SSD drives going down, these types of drives will soon be mainstream rather than just something most geeks lust after.

So do you think the MacBook Air SSD version is now worth it’s sticker price?

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