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Will Apple Be Ok With Out Steve Jobs?

by Juan on July 23rd, 2008

This blog entry from Seeking Alpha seems to think so. I for one am still on the fence. However the post makes a lot of sense.

With Steve Job’s health always at the back of the minds of investors and Apple lovers all over, it’s hard not to worry about Apple’s future. Jobs maybe the most important CEO today. He and Apple are so intertwined that whatever happens to him has a tremendous impact on Apple.

The post discusses some valid points that somehow make for good argument that Apple in the long term will be ok even if Jobs steps down or God forbid dies.

Apple has built a robust product line that no other tech company has. They make the hardware and write the software for their product. They’ve gained significant market share that while taken into consideration the whole PC market might be huge compared to Apple’s thin slice, it’s now gaining ground and fast becoming one of the biggest computer maker. It’s also created a new platform with the iPhone.

The way Apple has structured its business provides a roadmap that will ensure Apple will be here for years to come.

While most of us are not privy to Apple’s succession planning, the company has a good pool of executives that Jobs hired, trained and shares the same vision he does. There are good candidates to choose from. Tim Cook, Scott Forstal are just some people being considered. My personal favorite is Jonny Ive but I sincerely doubt he’ll get the CEO position.

So while I am very much worried about Apple’s future without Jobs, I’m a little bit comforted with what I’ve read and beginning to think that there might just be life after Steve.

Do you think Apple will be ok without Jobs?

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1 opinion for Will Apple Be Ok With Out Steve Jobs?

  • Chris Marsden
    Jul 31, 2008 at 8:10 am

    I think Apple will survive the loss of Steve, but what will it look like.

    I think, in some ways, Apple could become a better company without Steve. Steve is very controlling and very singular in his vision of what Apple and Apple products should look like. A more reasonable CEO might consider himself less of an artist and be more willing to listen to customers and allow them to customize machines to fit their needs (just a small pet peeve of mine).

    The fact that they have at least considered a plan of succession gives me hope. Unlike Steve’s former departure from Apple, this one won’t be quite as chaotic, hopefully.

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