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The After Mac

Steve Jobs in the long run

by Jayvee on January 21st, 2007

A column over at The Register suggests that Steve Jobs, though immersed in star power with his reality distortion field, may face long term problems when it comes to understanding “financial implications.”

This is all about the fiasco on the buying of stock offered to him at a much lower price than the market:

Between those two dates the value of Apple stock had risen 15 per cent. In other words, “it seems that Jobs was given the right to buy Apple stock at $18.30 a share after it had already jumped to $21.01.”

Hands in the till? Apple says “definitely not!” Quoting the Seattle Times again, “Apple argues that Jobs and other current executives were unaware of the phony records from the nonexistent October meeting. It also says that Jobs didn’t really understand the accounting significance of backdating the options.”

Aww poor guy. But as of late, I’m more concerned about his new iPhone line coming to bloom. *Augh. Reality distortion field .. must … resist..!!*

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