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February 27th, 2008

Which One Is The Right One For You?

With the recent update of both MacBook and MacBook Pro line of portables and the recent introduction of the MacBook Air, the question “which one is the right one for you?” begs to be asked.
Here are my thoughts on that…
MacBook - If you’re going to use a portable for your digital lifestyle and will […]

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February 26th, 2008

New MacBook Pros Released, Gains Multi-Touch

The MacBook Pro got a much anticipated upgrade today. With speeds up to 2.5 Ghz (2.6 Ghz BTO), the new MacBook Pro is now as much as 74% faster than the first generation MacBook Pro Core Duo that came out a couple of years ago.
Apart from processor and storage upgrades a significant improvement on […]

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December 28th, 2007

GelaSkins: Protect Your Macs With Art

GelaSkins are thin protective covers for your Mac laptops, iPods, iPhones, etc. I’ve heard about them before but saw them again on Dave Cross’ blog.
I’ve been wary of actually using protective cases for my MacBook Pro, except for sleeves and bags but to put something that will be more or less on it for the […]

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October 2nd, 2007

Macbook Line To Be Redesigned

According to this blog post at MacSlice, the Macbook line up is set to be redesigned. This includes both the Macbook and Macbook Pro range of portables.
The post states these specs:

Black & Silver aluminum
Slimmer and lighterthan current model
Keyboard that resembles Apple’s new desktop keyboards
New, larger trackpad with “unusual” features
Prices will be reduced to compete with […]

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September 19th, 2007

Is Apple’s Build Quality Going To The Dogs?

I feel really bad. The latch on my less than 6 month old MacBook Pro looks severely worn out. The paint/coating peeled showing a very ugly looking latch on my otherwise pristine laptop. My question, is Apple’s build quality going to the dogs?
Now why did I say that? In my own personal experience with the […]

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June 10th, 2007

Latest MacBook Pro Benchmarks

Thinking of getting the new MacBook Pros? Well Macworld has some initial benchmarks showing how it performs against the previous MacBook Pro revision and Macbook.
Most of the results are pretty much what is to be expected. The new ones are faster. Except for the Unreal Tournament 2004 test which the latest Macbook Pro faired poorly […]

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June 7th, 2007

What’s Up With LED?

One of the more intriguing features of the updated MacBook Pro is the LED-Backlit screen. It’s promises energy savings, safer for the environment, consistent color from the center all the way to the sides of the screen and some other things.
Personally, the LED screen was something that I’ve been waiting to see. Sure, the processor […]

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June 5th, 2007

MacBook Pro Now Up To 2.4 Ghz

The rumors were right. Apple just announced an update to the MacBook Pro. The updated models now sport a faster 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo. This chip is the Sta. Rosa, featuring an 800 Mhz front side bus. It’s also capable of up to 4GB of PC2-5300 (667 Mhz) DDR2 memory.
Another notable thing is […]

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April 12th, 2007

2 New Get A Mac Ads

They boys are back in town! Mac and PC are back with two new installments on their “Get A Mac” ad series. The two new ads are titled “Flashback” and “Computer Cart”.
“Flashback” shows us how Mac and PC were waaayy back. The same as they are now, only smaller. I guess it was meant to […]

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March 29th, 2007

MacRumors Buyers Guide

I’ve been thinking about getting a new MacBook Pro. Two things stopped me, I don’t have enough money yet and I was debating whether or not it was a good time to buy. I know it’s time for the MBP to get a speed or spec bump but I’ve been wanting to upgrade. Thank God […]

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