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The After Mac

Pre Macworld Thoughts

by Juan on January 9th, 2007

Macworld is just a few hours away and before reality sets in and all the goodies are revealed, let me express some of my thoughts and predictions on what we’ll be seeing.

Like most Macworld’s in recent history, this is sure to be another highly anticipated event. Duh?!? Steve has done what no other CEO has, to actually get people so hyped up about products that may or may not exsist. Steve has everyone guessing and on their toes. The hype that is Macworld is truly deafening. In fact the noise that is Macworld has eclipsed most fireworks celebrations this New Year.

Apple’s web site main image reads “The first 30 years were just the beginning. Welcome to 2007.” Normally I’d treat this just as the usual New Year’s greeting however, since it’s Macworld and since it’s Apple who said it, it most likely has double meaning. The text suggests big things this year for Apple. I sure hope so.

A lot of Apple watchers have said that the legend of Steve Jobs and the hype of it’s product announcements might be it’s own undoing. Expectations are so high that if Apple fails to deliver earth shattering, paradigm shifting products the repercussions might be disastrous for the famed company from Cuppertino. The excitment is at a fever pitch that nothing less than an “iPhone”, “iTV”, “Video iPod” or an early release of Leopard will appease Mac faithfuls.

My Predictions

1. iPhone or whatever it will be named - There’s just too much info going around about the iPhone that it’s just too hard to ignore. I think it’s the right time for Apple to announce this. The buzz is there, it’s been awhile since they’ve come up with something with the iPod’s caliber when it first came out. It’s time to wow us once again.

2. Updated Mac Pros - With intel’s new chip, it’s wise for Apple to update the Mac Pros. It’s also been a few months since the Mac Pros were introduced and it’s almost time for an update.

3. New Cinema Displays - Brighter, larger, Sleeker and it will come with a built-in iSight. I’m also looking at displays over 30″. That can double as your monitor and/or TV.

4. iTV - This is a long shot. It’s sure to come out this year but I’m not quite sure it will make it for Macworld.

5. iLife 07 & iWork 07 - This is the usual time that new versions of these software are released.

Now that I’ve made my predictions here are:

Things That I’m Hoping For But Probably Will Not Come True

1. 12″ Ultrathin MacBook Pro - Need I say more? Portable bliss..

2. Hybrid iTV and Cinema Display - The true all in one media center. In aluminum finish please.

3. A new MacBook Pro Form Factor - I love the Powerbook/MacBook Pro design but I think it’s time for a little update to this. I’m thinking a magnetic latch same as the Macbooks, a little thinner, black aluminum would be nice.

So keynote is in about a few hours. Let’s wait and see what new goodies, Steve pulls out his sleeves.

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