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The After Mac

Theme Day: Green Apple

by Juan on May 13th, 2008

This post is part of the Tech Channel’s Theme day. Check out the post round-up here.

When you hear the word Apple, a red fruit comes to mind. However, there are green Apples. That goes the same for our beloved Mac maker. While most people know the Apple that brings us innovative products such as Macs and iPods, not a lot of people know the green side to Apple.

Apple is a company that not only cares about putting together products but also taking them apart and recycling them.

It begins at the product design process. Apple designs its product not only to be beautiful and functional but also to be environmentally friendly. From using materials that are easier to recycle such as aluminum. Apple was also one of the first companies to do away with CRTs and replace them with LCDs. It’s all about maximizing the efficiency of products and minimizing the waste generated.

Even with the packaging, over the years, Apple’s packaging has gotten smaller and uses as less materials as possible without sacrificing quality. Gone are those bulky laptop boxes. MacBooks are shipped with a small compact box. The manuals are kept to a minimum. You get most of the reading materials on the DVD. A small quick start manual is the one that’s printed.

Apple’s manufacturing process is also prepped towards being more environmentally friendly. By the end of 2008, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), brominated flame retardants (BFRs) an arsenic in the glass of flat-panel displays will be a thing of the past. Use of these materials in manufacturing as well as the products itself will be non-existent.

Apple’s products are designed to use as little energy as possible. Hence the switch to LCDs who use up a lot less power than CRTs.

Recycling is also a big part of Apple’s environmental program. With millions of Macs and iPods sold Apple is concerned as to where all the waste will go. So they started recycling programs that will help take back and dispose of the waste from products properly. You can check out the recycling programs on this page.

So you see, not only should you feel good for owning Apple products because they’re functional, great to use and looks hot as hell. They’re also built and packaged to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Sure it’s not perfect, it can be better but Apple is also committed to doing better in the future. At least we as Mac users are assured that the company that provides us our products is doing their share in ensuring that we have a better world to live in.

Visit Apple’s environmental site here.

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