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Is Aperture 2 Good For Hobbyists?

by Juan on March 9th, 2008

Last Feb 12, 2008 Apple announced version 2 of Aperture. Along with this was a price reduction. From $299 it’s now selling at $199. Aperture 1 users can upgrade for $99.

Aperture gained some new features. Notably is the quicker boot time of Aperture. It used to take so long to open it, not it’s a bit faster. Apple overhauled Aperture’s engine to give it better performance. Some other performance enhancements are previewing images while they’re importing, quicker metadata searches, quicker export.

A good thing about Aperture is that it’s non-destructive. Meaning the edits you make on your images will not affect the original. In fact you can create different variations of the images and it won’t take up that much more space. Aperture only saves the instructions that you make to the edits. Preserving the original.

With it’s price reduction, Aperture is looking better and better not only for Pro Photographers but also hobbyists that want more power than what iPhoto offers.

If you’re a hobbyist and you use Aperture, is it worth it? Would you rather use this or Adobe’s Lightroom? Drop me a comment and share your thoughts on it.

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