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The After Mac

How to make that switch

by Jayvee on August 27th, 2006

Apple has tweaked their switch campaign a bit by introducing the many means and ways for PC to Mac switchers to migrate their data as seamlessly as possible. Some of these methods include asking a genius to do it to making use of a KVM switch.

Useful? It’s logically the next step to the I’m a Mac, I’m a PC boast, showing that Apple is really more than just words. It is true that many newbies will consider the Apple platform as alien and hard to use compared to Windows. I guess Apple really wants to install the training wheels for consumers to not fear switching:

- the KVM switch solution where you don’t need to transfer anything
- using the iPod as reference, since its probably the one Apple product consumers are familiar with

Thanks for the heads up, WinZu.

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