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Interesting Things You Might Have Forgotten About Mac OS X

by Juan on May 15th, 2008

Here’s an interesting article from LifeHacker that talks about obscure functions of your Mac (OS X Leopard). These are things that you forgot that you can do with your Mac.

From saying phrases out loud, launching an application via Spotlight all the way to doubling as an external drive. These are just some things that your Mac can do but it may have skipped your mind or you didn’t know it could do.

Most of these are simple things that may or may not impact your Mac life greatly. Still, they’re fun to know and it will show how much of a Mac geek you are.

My favorite among the 10, believe it or not is the text to speech. There’s just tons of phrases that you can try to make your Mac speak. The great thing is that the speech feature of OS X Leopard is quite good that it’s almost like a live person talking.

The most useful though is the “looking up in the dictionary” function. Now I have little excuse not to learn those big words.

So check out the article here. Post some comments below for some things about Mac functions you’d like to share.

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