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The After Mac

5 Billion and Counting

by Juan on June 19th, 2008

Yep, that’s how much songs have been sold through iTunes. It’s changed the way we buy and listen to music. At least I know it has for me. This is according to a recent report at MarketWatch.

Just the other day I found myself the happy recipient of several iTunes gift cards from my dad. I asked him to get it on his recent trip to San Francisco. iTunes gift cards aren’t readily available here in Manila so I asked him to get me some.

Over the past few years, I haven’t bought a single CD, except for the ones given to me as gifts. All of my music has come from iTunes. I’m not an audiophile so I don’t really notice the quality difference. I think the quality of the songs at iTunes is good enough. What got to me really was the convenience. It was just so easy to shop and buy music. I know there are other online music places there but iTunes works well for me.

I’ve also really got addicted to renting movies. The selections have been improving and it’s really easy to rent. A few clicks and you’re on the way to watching a movie. I love it. In fact I just finished downloading “Semi Pro”. I’ll be watching it this weekend.

So with 5 billion songs sold so far and a lot of TV shows, movies, etc. Has iTunes changed the way you get entertainment? Share your thoughts with us.

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