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The After Mac

Free Alternative To Back To My Mac

by Juan on March 11th, 2008

[via Lifehacker]

One of the nice features of Leopard is the ability to connect back to your home computer or any computer running Leopard and control it as if you’re there. The problem is, this feature will cost you an additional $100 a year because you’ll need a subscription to Apple’s .Mac service.

While Back To My Mac is an easy way of connecting to a computer, some people might be turned off with the cost. Most users who really need and want this feature and not technically adept would probably fork over the money for the .Mac subscription. If you’re not comfortable with tinkering too much with your Mac and can afford the $100 cost, I’d suggest just paying for .Mac and make your life a bit easier.

If you’re a bit more adventurous and don’t mind doing some legwork, then you can emulate the functionalities of Back To My Mac with tools already included with Leopard. For some tools there are other alternatives and it’s your choice if you want to use them.

Adam Pash, Senior Editor for Lifehacker wrote a feature detailing what you need and should do to mimic Back To My Mac functionalities at zero or minimal cost.

In reality, Back To Mac is essentially just VNC made so much easier and in true Apple fashion. You don’t need Leopard to do this, if you have Tiger you can do this as well although not all the built-in tools might be there and some third-party apps need to be downloaded but it can be done as well.

Check out the article of Adam Pash here. If you have any experiences with VNC/Remote desktop on your Mac share it with us here via the comments.

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