Ever wished for that bluetooth headset for your iPod? Well, some people are doing some research that can go one better than just bluetooth. Pretty soon you can go truly wireless, and I don’t mean just your gear - I mean you yourself.

At a presentation entitled Silicon in Biology at the International Solid State Circuits Conference in Korea a couple of days ago, researchers outlined their work where they developed a chip that, among other things, allow you to use your skin as the transmission medium for the audio signal from your iPod.

The research also allows implantation of low-consumption technology that will reduce wires for gear carried around by the average techie, or other devices that can be surgically placed inside the human body which was otherwise impossible because of their high power needs and inability to use the body’s nervous system as a networking infrastructure.

Yahoo! Now I can actually fulfill my dream of becoming Steve Austin!


On second thought, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Korea was the same country that had that stem cell ‘breakthrough’, right?

More from CNET.

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