4 Simple Ways To Speed Up Your Mac

Are you looking for a few simple ways to speed up your mac? If so this article is for you. Here are 4 ways you can speed up your Mac, boost performance and reclaim a little space on your hard drive.


Upgrade The Hard Drive

One of the best things you can do to improve performance on your aging Mac is to upgrade the hard drive. Right now your system is more than likely using a traditional spinning hard drive. By upgrading to a solid state drive, also known as SSD, you will instantly speed up your Mac computer and improve its performance.

The good news is upgrading the hard drive is not as difficult as you may think. As long as you have the right tools it should take you no longer than an hour to switch it out.

Be sure to backup your computer before upgrading your hard drive.


Add More Ram

Sometimes we have so many things running on our computers that it bogs it down. By increasing the RAM, which is the memory of the computer, it will speed things up. It is best to add more memory while you are also upgrading the hard drive.

Before getting started make sure you have the right type of memory for your Mac. While it doesn’t necessarily matter what brand you get, the type, speed and amount do matter.

Check out the Apple support page to find out what memory specifications you need for your particular Mac computer.


Reduce The Number Of Applications That Open At Startup

Most people don’t realize this, but every time you turn on your computer there are certain applications that automatically startup. This is something that usually happens by default and it can slow down your computer quite a bit.

To reduce the number of applications that open during startup you will need to navigate to the system preferences and look for the “Login Items” tab. This is usually found under the “Users & Groups” tab. If you are unable to find it on your computer do a simple search on Google to see where it is.


Make Sure Your System Is Always Current

Every now and then Apple will release a new update for its OS system. As soon as the update comes out you need to download it to your computer. Keeping your system current is probably the easiest way to not only keep the computer running smoothly, but to keep it safe as well.