2 Ways To Clean Your Mac’s Hard Drive


If you’ve noticed your Mac has started to run a little slow lately, chances are it’s because your hard drive needs a good cleaning. Luckily, cleaning your hard drive, in most cases, is as simple as clicking a few buttons.


Here are 2 ways you can free up some much need space by cleaning the hard drive on your Mac:


Delete Files You No Longer Use


If you are anything like me you download hundreds of files a year. Eventually those files will start to cause your Mac to slow way down. To get rid of the files you are no longer using you will first need to open “finder” and select the volume you want to search for.


Now hit Command-F,  click on the “Kind” pull-down menu and select “Other”Wait a few seconds for the “select a search attribute” window to open. Once it opens check the “file size” box. If there are any other boxes checked, be sure to uncheck them before hitting “ok”.


In the “equals” pull down menu select “is greater than” and change “KB to MB”. Select a minimum file size and proceed with deleting any files that match those parameters.


Figure Out Which Apps Use The Most Resources and Find Alternatives


If it seems like your Mac needs to take a little break right when you are in the midst of doing important work, it’s probably because some of the applications you are using are taking up a great deal of CPU and memory.


The good news is finding out which applications are using the most resources is quick and easy. Open the Activity Monitor and you will see a bunch of numbers that are constantly fluctuating. These numbers will show you the amount of CPU and memory resources each app is using at any given moment.


Keep a close eye on the Activity Monitor for at least 60 seconds. You may find that some of your favorite applications such as Firefox are responsible for your Mac running sluggish. If this is the case you can simple uninstall Firefox and go with a leaner browser such as Google’s Chrome.


If there are any applications that you no longer use but you notice they are still taking up space, go ahead and removing them so you can free up even more memory on your computer. Once you have made these changes you should notice your Mac starts to almost instantly run smoother and faster.